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We at Fidelity and Action disapprove of “social justice” activities in Catholic parishes which keep Catholics busy as bees.  “Option for the Poor” or “Just Wage” activities mislead the faithful.  The purpose of the Church is to please God, to be a witness to Jesus Christ, and the evangelize non-believers.  Faith, Hope, and Charity – we are commanded by Jesus to live these tenants.  Thus, when the USCCB spends precious time and money urging on Catholics to work for justice of the poor, it’s redundant!




Archbishop John Vlazny Promoted ‘Justice and Peace’ committees in every parish.

For a background of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) and “social justice” advocacy in the American Catholic Church, download:

National Review, Dec 31, 1987, by Charlotte Hays

The archdiocese promotes “JUST FAITH MINISTRIES “ for workshops in parishes.

  • Read about the dangers of Just Peace Ministries HERE and HERE (pdf).
  • From the Office of P&J Newsletter  (Aug. 2012) promoting JF:    Looking to invigorate your Parish Social Ministry?  Consider JustFaith.  There are opportunities for shorter, subject-specific modules.  Two of these, Crossing Borders and Just Peacemaking Initiative:  The Challenge and Promise of Nonviolence or Our Time, are happening within the Archdiocese and are inviting participants.  Contact the Office for details.

Archdiocese supports Alinskian MACG – Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good – membership.

Saul Alinsky
Saul Alinsky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • MACG is Portland’s version of the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by the infamous Saul Alinsky (see below).

Saul Alinsky Community Organizing.

  • View a comprehensive profile of Alinsky and supplemental resources at David Horowitiz’s Discover The Networks: the online Guide to the Political Left (click the link).

Sisters of the Road programs given grant money from CCHD.

The Archdiocese Tolerates the Gay Agenda.  Certain parishes promote and participate in Gay Pride Weeks.

NYC Gay Pride Lesbians – published at Catholic Sentinel online

(Nov. 25, 2012) — Apparently, the Catholic Sentinel wants to re-visit the gay “marriage” debate.  The newspaper of record for the Archdiocese has published a letter, “Learn what’s true about gay and lesbian people.”   The letter is accompanied by a photo of lesbians in “wedding” gown and tux, (same couple we posted, above).  Why now?  It remains to be seen what’s up their sleeve.  (In 2004, Oregonians against same-sex “marriage” voted to protect and defend traditional marriage.  The debate is settled.)

In 1984 Dignity USA Exposed  —  Psychologist Dr. Mary Royer attended gay Catholic Dignity-USA Convention in Seattle over a period of four days.  Dr. Royer presented her findings to the Serra Club of Portland.   An uninformed and liberal priest debated her.  The audio is available for download at KEEP THE FAITH.

We see from this the seeds of planned and systematic destruction that were planted within the Church at that time by homosexual activists which are now coming to fruition in the present day.

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