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CNN Interview

QUESTION: Sister Helen, you’re Roman Catholic. Terry Schiavo, I know this is off the topic of your book, but I have to ask you this question because I know you have some thoughts on it and we’d love to hear your opinion on this. You’re Roman Catholic, Terry Schiavo is Roman Catholic as well. What do you make of the ongoing battle? I’m sure you’re aware of it back and forth here.

SISTER HELEN PREJEAN:  You know, I just heard that President Bush is saying this is about defense of life. Look at all of the human energy around this woman, who is in a, you know, a state where you’re saying, “Is she alive?”

Does she deserve to die? Well, we have killed almost 1,000 people through the death penalty.

If you want to talk about defense of life, you not only have to talk about this single individual and all of this around her particular life where her husband and other members in the family say, in fact, she should be allowed to die that, in fact, she already has died — I see it as a bogus, diversionary thing.

We’ve got to look at the deep fabric of our society. Look at all the children that are killed by violence. Look at all of those who die from overdose of drugs. Yet we do not set up clinics around this country to help them to deal with drugs.

The Catholic bishops of the United States tomorrow are going to initiate a campaign as part of respect for life to end the death penalty in the United States. This is the protocol of death where intentionally we set about to kill human beings.

You want to talk about respect for life, let’s look at it across the whole board, and put our attention and our energies into stopping government killings, which directly kill people who are alive and not diversionary tactics like everything is around whether or not this poor woman should be allowed to live or die when you get into all these complex things.


Shocking Admission by Sister Helen Prejean:

“Heinous Crimes Deserve the Death Penalty”

Did she really say that?  Yes.

It is the first question asked by the interviewer.

Someone ought to inform the bishops and priests of her shocking admission.

Here is what she said verbatim:  click image to watch on YouTube.

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