Sr. Simone Campbell of NETWORK “Touched” by Ahmadinejad

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NETWORK is the progressive Catholic social justice political lobby of graying Left-Wing Catholic Feminists.  Be sure to visit their website and read its laundry list of issues they lose sleep over, like the federal budget and a fair minimum wage.

Its current director, Sr. Campbell, is in Portland to speak about – what else – social justice and the 2008 Election.

Sr. Campbell is pro-abortion based on her close alliance with the apostate organization Call To Action.

Announcement SEPT. 22, 2008, 7:30 pm ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC CHURCH, PORTLAND OR

“Sr. Simone Campbell, a gifted and faithful witness for justice and peace and a national and international leader for advocacy and reconciliation, will be this year’s speaker for the Theresa Willett Memorial Lecture at All Saints Church. The lecture this Monday, Sept. 22, 2008 will begin at 7:30pm.  The topic of Sister Simone’s remarks will be:  Faith Alive: Catholic Social Teaching, Spirituality & the 2008 Election. The time with Sister Simone should assist all of us in integrating our rich Catholic Social Teaching with the decisions we will soon make in the November election.”

SISTER SIMONE CAMPBELL was among a group of Americans who met Iran’s deranged and dangerous President Ahmadinejad at Columbia University.

MY REFLECTIONS ON THE EXPERIENCE:   [removed but archived]  Simone Campbell, SSS

  • I know so little about Iranian culture, and I sense that the rest of our country is the same. I was amazed at the religious/theological context for the dialogue that was presented. After conversation with others who have more experience than I, it seems that the President got elected as a populist, but now he is having to move in academic circles. Learning has been respected in the Persian culture for thousands of years. Apparently academic disputation is highly valued in Iran. He is not adept at doing this and is a bit insecure about it.
  • In discussion following, I learned that the major religious leaders are the true leaders of Iran, and the President is actually quite far down on the power list. However, the U.S. administration keeps dealing with him as if he held the title in the same way as in the U.S. I understand that this is being dismissive of the religious leaders. Therefore, while they might not agree with President Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric, they are not moving to curb him
  • Of his comments—I think I was most touched by his comments about poverty and how where there is absolute poverty there is a denial of someone’s human rights.
  • Some of the questions asked were so culturally contained in an effort to connect at the human level, e.g. his fears, failings in Iran, etc. I don’t know how we get around this, but it seems unrealistic to expect him (or anyone from another culture) to respond to our U.S. human expectations of “bonding.”

Special thanks to Oregon Catholic  Citizens for contributing this story.

Fr. Richard Rohr coming to Portland

This lunatic Heretic will be in Portland September 12 and 13, 2008 at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. Rohr is a Guru to members of the “peace and justice” fanatics at St. Clare’s Catholic Community and St. Andrew’s “Faith Community.”

A call to the Archdiocese, to complain that Rohr will be spreading heresies as he represents the Catholic Church, elicited this response:

“He’s a priest in good standing.  He’s a citizen of the United States coming here to speak.  He’s not speaking at a Catholic Church.  There’s nothing we can do about it.”

But he presides at gay weddings and the Archbishop has said he is against gay marriage.  Rohr is a Catholic feminist and will be spreading heresies.  St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Portland is promoting Rohr’s talk.

“Then, if that’s the case, St. Andrews would be told that they should stop promoting the talk.”

—-Bud Bunce, Public Relations, Archdiocese of Portland

Mr. Bunce declined to investigate St. Andrew’s further.


At the March, 1997, pro-“gay” New Ways Ministry Symposium, he
described his all-male retreats, in which men remove clothing and touch each other in “wounded areas,” as he calls them.  Abp. Michael Sheehan of Santa Fe once reprimanded Fr. Rohr for presiding at a lesbian “wedding.” Also, Fr. Rohr advises Catholics to use the New Age/occult Enneagram.—-Concerned Roman Catholics of America


“The Maternal Face of God” – ‘Rohr attends to developments in feminine consciousness to consider images of God and their evolution in our own understanding of the Divine, who is beyond gender. He considers aspects of God that can transform the spiritual understanding of both women and men.’—-CD Audio


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