JACK JEZREEL coming to Portland: Tobin Lecture 5/15/13

Do Catholics need “A Vision for the 21st Century Parish”?

Just Faith Ministries' Labyrinth of New Age

Just Faith Ministries’ Labyrinth of New Age

Source:  http://justfaith.org/programs/justfaith.html

New Age Catholics cannot resist a labyrinth!

Just Faith founder Jack Jezreel
Just Faith founder Jack Jezreel

The Archdiocese of Portland’s upcoming “Tobin Lecture” features JACK JEZREEL, the peace and justice agitator and founder of the “Just Faith Ministries.”  A of P’s press release.

The event is on Wed., May 15 at 6:30 at the All Saints Catholic Church.  Details on the Peace & Justice website.

JustFaith Ministries offers all of its programs in partnership with:

  • Bread for the World
  • Catholic Campaign for Human Development
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Pax Christi USA and Pax Christi International

With additional support from Maryknoll and Catholic Charities USA.”

Fidelity and Action warned about this socialist program – “SOUNDING THE ALARM ABOUT JUST FAITH.”

Sounding the Alarm about ‘Just Faith Ministries’

Infiltration of the Catholic Church by socialist-Marxists . . .

JUST TROUBLE — If your Catholic parish offers a series of programs known as Just Faith, stay away! 

“How To Turn Lukewarm Parishes Into A Hotbed of Social Justice” – Jake Jezreel, founder Just Faith

Just Faith founder Jack Jezreel

Just Faith Exposed!

The November 2011 Mindzenty ReportBlowin’ in the Wind:  Just Faith and the Socialist Indoctrination of the Church .  It traces the roots of today’s social gospel with the Progressive Movement and Fabian Socialism.  Also, it examines the fast-growing JustFaith organization, its founder Jack Jezreel, its ties with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, its partnership with left-wing groups and its Alinsky-like disruptive tactics.


Despite its growing popularity, JustFaith has unleashed a
legion of critics who point out that Jezreel’s program is
nothing but a platform for an ultra left wing social,
political, and economic agenda that is NOT consistent with
traditional Catholic social teaching. The trouble with the
JustFaith Ministries is that it is not about either justice or faith
but about power. As Walter Rauschenbusch said in the late 19th
century, religion is just a means to get, not justice but socialism,
which is a demonic attempt to corral the world’s masses into a
single unit that will be forced to march to its secular drummer.
JustFaith reduces Catholicism to an unofficial set of economic
and political solutions to the gamut of social problems that
afflict this country. It overemphasizes aspects of Catholic social
teaching or takes them out of context to the point that they
become easy fodder for their secular political and economic

Portland Archdiocese and Sisters of the Road

NOVEMBER 15, 2008 (Portland, Ore)  The Portland Archdiocese’s CATHOLIC CAMPAIGN for HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (CCHD) held the annual TOBIN LECTURE at ALL SAINTS CHURCH.  The National Director of CCHD, Ralph McCloud, gave the keynote speech on poverty, ‘Hear the Cry of the Poor: Standing in Solidarity with the Poor in Our Community.’


Director McCloud said to listen to the voice of the unborn in his lecture.  He mentioned the unborn two or three times.


Director McCloud says we are called to eliminate poverty. Sounds like Utopian Communism.


Among the facilitators and panelists at today’s event was SISTERS of the ROAD.


A social justice community organizing project influenced by, if not part of, the Catholic Worker Movement.

See also Sisters of the Road CAFE.

See also Catholic Worker Publication.