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Christ the King

Christ the King

Welcome to Fidelity and Action:  Reporting on Catholic Dissent and Novelties Since Vatican II

Formerly the Church Militant in the Pacific Northwest.  We are now based in Northern California.


Beginning in 2002, known as the year of the priest scandals, your editor questioned disturbing events at our family’s Catholic parish, Saint Clare’s, Portland OR, that demanded answers.  Why did our priest at the time (our family has changed parishes) believe and follow the Myers-Briggs Personality test?  Why was I called a bigot at that parish because I disagreed with same-sex “marriage?”  Why wasn’t a photograph of the pope in the rectory?  Why wasn’t there a crucifix in the church?  Why was praying the rosary considered old fashioned at the parish?  Why didn’t the parish have a Respect Life Committee?  Why did the Justice and Peace Committee run the agenda at the parish?  Why did the priest pay $5,000 to join the Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good, an affiliate of Saul Alinsky’s community organizing group the Industrial Areas Foundation?

Catholics and The New Age

I heard a talk given by Fr. Mitch Pacwa taken from his book of the same title, ‘Catholics and the New Age.’  I bought his book.  At long last I had a resource to explain why the parish pastoral associate, a 60-year-old nun who didn’t wear a habit, truly believed in the pagan Enneagram, exclaiming to me,  “I wouldn’t know who I was without my number!”  Fr. Pacwa’s book  helped me understand why parishioners went to retreats at the Shalom Center, staffed by non-habit-wearing Catholic nuns who gave classes on the Enneagram.  Parishioners also go to the Center for Contemplative Outreach.  St. Mary’s Academy has a labyrinth walk on the gymnasium floor – an occult practice.  During a funeral for a lesbian, four female parishioners performed a pagan ritual by forming a circle, raising up a large black bowl of burning incense they lit on fire — in front of the parish priest.

Wanting to know the origin of the Myers-Briggs Test used by our priest at Saint Clare’s, I found that it was a product of Carl Jung psychology.  From there, I studied the damage done to the Church by followers of Carl Jung.  I found a book review by Paul Likoudis, “The Jung Cult:  the Greatest Threat To The Church Since Julian the Apostate.”

I’ve been drawn to studying and exposing dissenters ever since.  I searched and found material by traditional-leaning Catholics available in books and on the Web.  We left Saint Clare’s in Portland and ended up at “the most conservative parish in the Portland Archdiocese” Holy Rosary Catholic Church, a Dominican priory.  There, I learned to pray the Rosary and more traditional Catholic prayers.  Praise God.

Our journey has led us to the Mass of All Time, the Old Mass based on the 1962 missal.

The Dangers of Catholic Dissenters

  • Progressive Catholic dissenters, influenced by progressive theologians from the Liturgical Reform Movement at Vatican II, are responsible for the use – by Catholics – of artificial birth control methods condemned by the Church.  The rate of abortion by Catholics is the same as the rate for non-Catholics.  Pro-abortion Catholics have a long history which is directly tied to feminism within the ranks of nuns over 50.
  • Dissenters act as “change agents” within the Church institutions, universities, elementary schools and chanceries to change attitudes toward abortion, artificial birth control, homosexuality and ordaining women priestesses.
  • Dissenters agitate for “social justice” issues – with the exception of defending the life of unborn babies – utilizing Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals.’  There exist hundreds of social justice organizations.  They are all interconnected like one big radical feminist network.

The Dangers of Apathy

We believe that apathy is not an option for Catholics concerned about preserving the traditional faith.  What are the solutions to this crisis?  Know your faith, pray, and take action.  Vote pro-life, write to your legislators, your bishops, the press, the blogs.  Stay informed.  Subscribe to traditional Catholic publications such as The Remnant, Catholic Family News, New Oxford Review, Latin Mass, or The Wanderer.  Know which publications are the “progressive Catholic dissenters” like America, Commonweal, and National Catholic Reporter.  Subscribe to those Catholic web sites you see listed here and at those sites where we refer you to in our blog posts.

St. Catherine of Sienna, pray for us!  Help Us Defend the Catholic Faith!


Fidelity to the Magisterium

Exposing Dissenters who threaten the Right to Life, Trad Marriage, Religious Freedom, and Traditional Catholic Education.


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