Video: A Catholic’s Journey to Tradition – Louie Verecchio

Personal account of ‘my journey from mainstream conservative Catholic media member to “traditionalist” pariah.’….Louie Verecchio.

Catholic author and public speaker Louie Verecchio describes his journey from being a “Vatican II” Catholic to a traditional Catholic following his own study of the council documents. 12 minutes.


Drag Show at Catholic College Justified by “Human Dignity” B S

University of San Diego Hosts Drag Queen Show

San Diego drag queen
San Diego drag queen

Catholic student protests are ignored.

University:  “The show supports the Catholic teaching on the dignity of the human person.”

VIDEO News Story.

As we here at FAA have reported previously, the dignity of the human person is an erroneous teaching from Vatican II.

‘What is dignity? According to Catholic tradition, man derives dignity from his perfection, i.e, from his knowledge of the truth and his acquisition of the good.  Man is worthy of respect in accordance with his intention to obey God, not in accordance with his errors, which will inevitably lead to sin. When Eve the first sinner succumbed, she said, “The serpent deceived me.” Her sin and that of Adam led to the downfall of human dignity, from which we have suffered ever since.’  Source:  ‘Open Letter To Confused Catholics.’….Archbishop Lefebvre


Vatican Warns University of San Diego on Drag Queen Shows

Vatican Congregation Upholds Claim: “A Catholic University Hosting A Drag Show Is Scandal!”