Radical feminist nuns’ group ‘stunned’ by Vatican criticisms, reform plan | LifeSiteNews.com


Radical feminist nuns’ group ‘stunned’ by Vatican criticisms, reform plan | LifeSiteNews.com.


CDF prefect Cardinal Levada said he had received many letters from women religious in the U.S. complaining about Catholic teaching. “The terms of the letters,” he wrote, “suggest that these sisters collectively take a position not in agreement with the Church’s teaching on human sexuality.

“It is a serious matter when these Leadership Teams are not providing effective leadership and example to their communities, but place themselves outside the Church’s teaching.”

The document from the CDF outlines the Vatican’s plan to spend the next five years reforming the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR).

Seattle Archbishop Peter Sartain has been appointed to oversee the reform of the organization, which will involve revising its statutes, creating new programs, reviewing and offering guidance on liturgy and reviewing LCWR’s affiliations with other organizations, citing specifically NETWORK and the Resource Center for Religious Institutes.



Author: veritas2

California native. Wife of Buzz Rhea. Mother of Natalie Anne Hiscock.

2 thoughts on “Radical feminist nuns’ group ‘stunned’ by Vatican criticisms, reform plan | LifeSiteNews.com”

  1. That’s awesome! It’s time for the Church to root out all of the liberals (i.e. the wolves in sheep’s clothing) who have infiltrated her ranks. This is good news indeed!

  2. Hopefully this reform will extend to the likes of Sr. Helen Prejean, who will coming to my hometown of Bakersfield, Calif., in a little more than a week to speak at a pair of churches. That prompted me to voice my protest in a letter to the editor as well as a comment to an online article about the upcoming appearances, which can be read at http://tinyurl.com/6rcxkaf

    By the way, I thank this blog for the excellent dossier on Sr. Helen, which I referred to in my letter and comment.

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