Contact Gov. Ted Kulongoski

Archbishop John Vlazny has publicly rebuked the governor of Oregon for hosting a NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon dinner.

“I call upon our Catholic people to express their displeasure to the governor and to remind him of the demands of personal integrity as a member of our faith community in the exercise of his office and public activities.”—-Archbishop John Vlazny. 9/30/08.

CONTACT Governor Ted Kulongoski

Email Form – CLICK HERE

Call 1-503-378-4582

Write Governor Ted Kulongoski

160 State Capitol

900 Court Street

Salem, OR 97301-4047


· “Any country that accepts abortion, is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what it wants.” —Mother Teresa

· NARAL continually refers to killing a late-term preborn baby ‘CHOICE!’

· NARAL’s position on INFANTICIDE: The federal abortion ban of 2007 enacted by President George W. Bush is, “a setback for women’s health and privacy.”


Author: veritas2

California native. Wife of Buzz Rhea. Mother of Natalie Anne Hiscock.

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