Archbishop Vlazny publicly rebukes Gov. Kulongoski over abortion

Oregon Catholics:  consider contacting the archbishop.  His courage has been a long time coming.  After the scandal, I’m sure he believed he would not be taken seriously on any moral issue.


Precious Children of Portland’s Protest:

KGW online video: Your editor is interviewed:

‘Archbishop Takes Gov. Kulongoski to Task Over Abortion-Rights Event.’ OregonLive

Read the comments which are favorable toward our Archbishop.

Statesmen Journal “an unprecedented public rebuke”

Associated Press picked it up!
KATU-2 Story ‘Governor and Archbishop at odds over abortion

Carl Olson-Insight Scoop

(503) 234-5334
Archdiocesan Pastoral Center
2838 E. Burnside St
Portland OR  97214-1895

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California native. Wife of Buzz Rhea. Mother of Natalie Anne Hiscock.

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