Stop Ahmadinejad – Official laws against women

official laws against women in Iran

Article 21 of Iran’s Constitution indicates: “The government must ensure the rights of women in all respects, in conformity with Islamic criteria…” This leaves it up to the clergymen to interpret the laws pertaining to women.

Article 83 of the Penal Code, called the Law of Hodoud, stipulates that the penalty for fornication is flogging, i.e. 100 strokes of the lash, for unmarried male and female offenders.

Article 102 of Iran’s Constitution indicates: “Women who appear on streets and in public without the prescribed ‘Islamic Hejab’ will be condemned to 74 strokes of the lash.”

Article 105 of the Civil Code “In the relationship between a man and a woman, the man is responsible as head of the family.” The Council of Guardians, has decreed, “A woman cannot leave her home without her husband’s permission, even to attend her father’s funeral”.

Article 1117 of the Civil Code states that the husband may ban his wife from any technical profession that conflicts with family life or her character.

Article 1133 of the Civil Code states: A man can divorce his wife whenever he so chooses and does not have to give her advance notice.

Article 102 of the Penal code, states that married offenders (adulterers) are liable to stoning regardless of their gender, but the method laid down for a man stipulates he be buried up to his waist, and a woman up to her neck.

Article 114 of Iran’s Civil codes states: When rajm [stoning] is being administered on a man he must be placed in a pit almost down to his waist, and when administered on a woman she must be placed in a pit almost down to her chest. Such barbaric behavior by the regime includes dictating the style, size and the administration of stoning while differentiating between male vs. female victims. Female victim up to her neck to avoid physical escape, however, even if condemned female victim is able to flee the scene, authorities are obliged to arrest her and execute her by firing squad. As for the male victims, they are buried up to their waist and if able to escape the scene no further punishment awaits them.


· Tens of thousands of women have been executed in Iran since 1979, when the mullahs took power. They were executed on political grounds, for their opposition to the policies of the ruling government. Among those executed were tens of pregnant women.

· The worst kinds of torture are inflicted on woman prisoners who oppose the regime. These include repeated sexual assaults, amputation of body parts and…

· Women played a very active role in the 40,000 teachers’ demonstrations outside the Majlis on January 12, 2002. In these series of demonstrations, a number of women were arrested and imprisoned on charges of just participating in a demonstration.

Stop Ahmadinejad. Free Iran.


Author: veritas2

California native. Wife of Buzz Rhea. Mother of Natalie Anne Hiscock.

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